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Databases & Websites [Open source]

The following websites and databases are all freely available on the open web, all day every day.  They have been assessed as being educationally relevant.

Primary Learners

ABC Education

3000+ educational games, videos and teaching resources for schools and students.


A custom Google search engine containing websites suitable for primary students, selected by teachers and librarians.


Fun facts site for children, on a range of school topics, developed by Dorling Kindersley.

Weather Wiz Kids

This website is designed for children, by meteorologist Crystal Wicker.  It provides information about all aspects of weather and all types of natural disasters.

The Encyclopaedia of Earth

The EoE is an electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society.

Country Profiles [BBC]

Select the country and wait for it to load. Do NOT click 'Go' as this will create an error - which is out of our control.

Secondary learners

Australian Dictionary of Biography

This dictionary includes concise, informative and fascinating descriptions of the lives of over 12,000 significant and representative persons in Australian history.

Australian Newspaper Headlines

Your guide to Australian newspapers. Select a State or Territory to browse the database of Australian and regional newspapers or use the search box to find your local town paper.

National Science Digital Library [NSDL]

Serving the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education community.

Australian Poetry Library

This provides access to a wide range of poetic texts, critical and contextual material, including interviews, photographs and audiovisual recordings. This website currently contains over 42,000 poems, representing the work of more than 170 Australian poets.

World War 1914-1918 Encyclopedia

The multi-perspective, open-access knowledge base is the result of an international collaborative project involving more than 1,000 authors, editors, and partners from over fifty countries.

Smart History [Art History]

Smarthistory is a leading resource for the study of art and cultural heritage. Our growing collection of videos and essays are designed to be engaging and conversational and cover art that ranges from the paleolithic to the present.

Folger Digital Shakespeare Texts

Digital Texts from the Folger Shakespeare Library, home of the worlds largest and finest collection of Shakespeare's plays.

Encyclopedia Mythica

This encyclopedia features mythology, folklore, and legends. It currently contains over 6,100 entries on gods and goddesses, heroes and legendary creatures.

Shakespeare's Works Audio Playlist

33 videos. William Shakespeare's Best and Greatest Works - More titles to come! The best audiobooks on youtube - on Greatest Audio Books.

Read pro and con arguments, for and against controversial issues, such as medical marijuana, euthanasia, prostitution and gun control, to name a few.


Speakola collects great speeches - weddings, eulogies, birthdays and speeches that changed the world.

Operation Click - ANZAC to Kokoda

Operation Click: Anzac to Kokoda is a classroom resource which draws on and encourages the use of various Veterans Affairs websites.

CIA World Fact Book

The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, energy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

Churchill Archive for Schools

The Archive offers cross-searchable online access to over 800,000 original documents from Churchill’s personal correspondence, speeches and from photographs and newspaper reports.