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REALITY TV: TASK 1 - Explanation

Narartive codes and conventions: How codes and conventions, narrative structure and elements (such as characters, plot, setting, point of view, theme) and devices such as cinema verite, narraction style, re-enactment etc have been used within the progarms to persuade towards a preferred meaning regarding the representations.

Production Context: How the production context has influenced the way the representations are constructed.

Audience context:  How different readings can be made by mainstream and subcultural (niche) audiences.

  • Identify key aspects from episodes which clearly demonstrate how the support your analysis by recording the time code and a brief descrition of the segment.
  • Write a draft of your report, working out what sub-headings you will use, how and where diagrams and/or images will be used.




Question:  Discuss how representations have been constructed in Reality TV programs.

To complete this task you will need to research at least two reality TV programs and compare and contrast the representations, analysing narrative, codes and conventions and preferred meanings, the production and audience context.

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