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SISTER HEART: "Yarning Strong"

Year 5 Extension


"We are family we are deadly" and    "Just the skin you're in" are

GRAPHIC NOVELS (comic books).

How does this format enhance the message the authors are trying to convey?

Consider: emotion/ information / language choice / narrator / point of view

We speak Standard Australian English.  Aboriginal English is a dialect of Standard Australian English.

Kriol is used across northern Australia and developed from Pidgin English. (Kimberley to Gulf of Carpentaria).

Creole (Torres Strait Creole) developed from Melanesian Pidgin English as well as Torres Strait Islander languages. It is spoken by Torres Strait Islanders on the Islands and the mainland.

How has the main character developed in the text you read? How have they changed and what have they learned (about themselves and their culture)

Two of these texts cover the theme of FAMILY and two cover the theme of IDENTITY.

Which is which?


"Kin Island" and   "Jali Boy" are NOVELS.

How does this format compare to that of the graphic novels?

Consider: emotion/ information / language choice / narrator / point of view


WATCH the PPT & video

Consider: Are the KINSHIP TIES strong or broken for the characters in each story.