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Health9 Alcohol: Use in Australia

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Youth Alcohol Use in Australia: Introduction

Your task is to design an informational resource aimed at introducing youth aged 12-17 to the topic of alcohol, enabling and equipping them with harm minimisation strategies to help make informed future decisions.

You are required to research alcohol and investigate and analyse the level of alcohol use by youth aged 12-17 within Australia. 

  1. introduce the topic of alcohol to the reader, define alcohol providing at least 2 examples of different types as well as suggesting reasons why people may or may not choose to drink.
  2. Explore the short and long-term effects of alcohol on the brain and the body
  3.  Alcohol usage in Australia youth
  4.  Devise harm minimisation strategies to help individuals make future informed decisions to assist themselves in keeping safe in risky situations.

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Teenage issues

Effects of alcohol on teenage brain

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