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English9 Gothic Fiction: Author: Mary Shelley


Let Miss Regia give your students background and insight to Mary Shelley and her classic novel 'Frankenstein' . The video also takes a look at some of the classic and most famous adaptations of the novel to the screen.

SOURCE: ClickView, Duration 7:03 minutes, Rated E 

Frankenstein and the Monster

When Victor created Frankenstein his monster he didn't give it a name, yet its complex personality and struggle for identity and acceptance provides a profound insight to the human condition. This clip examines the troubled relationship between Frankenstein and the monster, and the role of other characters in the novel, including William, Dr Clerval, Elizabeth, and Captain Walton. It is an ideal resource for English literature students.

SOURCE: ClickView, (2018) Duration 9:34 minutes, Rated E

The Pursuit of Knowledge

Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein delves into a range of themes, which were particularly popular among 19th century Romantics, and which have been perennial favourites of numerous writers since. This clip highlights some of those themes, including the pursuit of knowledge and the responsibility involved with acquiring it, what makes us human, and the power of nature. It is a valuable resource for students of English literature.

SOURCE: Clickview (2018) Duration 8:41, Rated E