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Science7 Create a creature: Home

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St Stephen's School would like to acknowledge the contribution of

Mrs Dee Cunninghame,

a Teacher Librarian from 2008 - 2020, and the original creator of this guide.


To create an imaginary creature that has special characteristics (adaptations) that allow it to survive in an ecosystem allocated to you.

Library catalogue resources (digital & print)


Classification systems

Click on the picture above to go to a slideshow (15 slides) explaining Linnaean Classification.

Source: Jacob Cedarbaum



Bill Botanist has just received a collection of plant specimens in the mail. It is urgent that the specimens be planted as soon as possible because the world is counting on the oxygen that they will provide. Travel with Bill on an expedition to each of the world's biomes to help him study his specimens. Your mission is to get each plant specimen planted in the best possible biome.




Assignment Documents:


Most of the websites under the Ecosystems should have some information on food webs and chains. There are eBooks on food chains and webs listed.

You can also click on the link below to go to a guide devoted to Food chains/webs.