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St Stephen's School would like to acknowledge the contribution of

Mrs Dee Cunninghame,

the original creator of this guide.

Coastal Processes and Landforms (Series: Dynamic Lands)

Why do novice surfers prefer constructive waves? What happens when you take away a village's natural sea defences? Filmed along the Dorset coastline, this resource provides up-to-date explanations and examples of the processes and landforms that shape coastal environments, bringing the subject alive through interviews with surfers, coastal surveyors and environmentalists. The programme uses a systems approach and explores the role of littoral cells and sediment movement. Illustrated landforms include: Lulworth Cove, Old Harry, Studland Bay, Sandbanks, Slapton Ley, Hallsands and Portland Bill.

SOURCE: ClickView (2012) Rated E, Duration 23:09 mins

Managing a Coastal Ecosystem

Built around a case study of Towra Point Nature and Marine Reserve in Botany Bay, New South Wales, this programme highlights: location and change over time; an examination of the biophysical environment; the challenges of managing a significant nature reserve, including endangered species management, feral animal management and the management of the region's dynamic and ever-changing landforms. These management issues are especially challenging given Australia’s largest airport, container terminal and oil refinery all lie in close proximity, plus Towra Point is the summer home to an endangered migratory bird species. It also protects ever diminishing coastal rainforest habitat, rich mudflats and sea grass beds.

SOURCE: ClickView (2006) Rated E, Duration 28:50 mins


The structures allocated were:

  • Groynes
  • Seawall
  • Artificial Reef
  • Beach Nourishment
  • Sand By-pass system
  • Training wall

Assignment Documents:

Resource Key