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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders [Pre-Contact]

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Noongar Country:

Kaartdijin in Noongar means 'knowledge.' Noongar people have lived in the south-wesy of Western Australia for more than 45,000 years.  

For thousands of years Noongar people have resided on and had cultural connection to the booja – land. Everything in our vast landscape has meaning and purpose. We speak our own language and have our own lore and customs. The lore is characterised by a strong spiritual connection to country. This means caring for the natural environment and for places of significance. Our lore relates to ceremonies, and to rituals for hunting and gathering when food is abundant and in season. Connection to booja is passed on through our stories, art, song and dance. Noongar people not only survived European colonisation but we thrived as family groups and sought to assert our rights to our booja. For Noongar people, the south-west of Western Australia is ngulla booja – our country.

SOURCE: Noongar knowledge website.

Waabinny Time is a series of videos available on Clickview Exchange about the Noongar people of the South West of Western Australia.