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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders [Pre-Contact]

Stories [Kriol]:

Published on YouTube, Apr 24, 2014

Queenie Brennan dalim dijan stori.  Produced by Roy Gwyther-Jones.

Published on YouTube Jan 29, 2014

A story in Kriol told by Queenie Brennan.

eBooks [Available online]

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Australia had a vast number of indigenous languages. Some authorities say up to 600 different languages were in use before colonisation. Sadly most are now extinct. These languages cannot be linked to any of the world’s languages.

Of the 263 languages remaining there are some with only a few speakers remaining.

Map of Aboriginal Mobs

Click on the map above to view an interactive version of this map.

Aboriginal Voices: My Culture and Language. 

What does culture mean to Indigenous people? Aboriginal artists share the importance of song, dance, music and art as expressions of their culture. All of these forms vary depending on the region, language and cultural groups they come from; but what ties them together is the fundamental importance of storytelling.

Source: ClickView, 2014. Rated E [7 mins.]

Language of Belonging is a multi-platform education resource based on the ground-breaking Indigenous short animation 'Wadu Matyidi' and the five accompanying behind-the-scenes mini documentaries. Designed specifically for primary-aged students, this diverse learning programme gives students the opportunity to explore the Adnyamathanha language, culture, stories and traditions, and develop their own portfolio.

More info available on the official website. []  SSS Password for website available from Library Portal/Staff/Passwords. 

SOURCE: ClickView, published 2012, Rated E [42:15 mins]