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HASS7 History Mystery, Investigating the Ancient Past (2015): Stonehenge


Professor Alice Roberts & archaeologist Matt Williams are at the Salisbury Museum to look at Marden Henge, the communal sweat lodges & feasting remains that illuminate the lost rituals of Stonehenge. They show you an archaelogical dig in real time and explain how they work out what they have found. [49 minutes]. 

SOURCE: Digging for Britain's Secrets, Series 4 Episode 1: West, (2017) SBS ONE, Sydney, from ClickView.

What was the true purpose of Stonehenge? Bones excavated from the site suggest it may have been used as a temple for the dead.

SOURCE: Winter solstice’ 2010StonehengeVodcastThe History Channel, accessed 9 August 2018, <>.

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Just how was Stonehenge created? Aliens? Giants? Merlin? The simple truth is that it was made by human ingenuity – which, in its own way, is even more magical!

Source: English Heritage 2017How was Stonehenge created?online video10 August, accessed 9 August 2018, <>.


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