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HASS7 History Mystery, Investigating the Ancient Past: Home

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"Archaeologists study of ancient people and the way they lived. Scientists called archaeologists study the objects ancient people left behind.  Archaeologists study arrowheads, pots, and beads. They also study houses, canals, and other things ancient people built. They look carefully at seeds and bones found with the objects people used."

You are looking at OBJECTS


Historians use old books, papers, and letters to learn about people who lived in the past and the things that happened to them. Historians study everything about past human life. They learn about the lives of ordinary people as well as about countries and rulers and wars."

You are looking at PEOPLE.

If you still are unsure - It's SMART to ASK :) 


Investigate a history mystery from the ancient past (between 60,000 BCE - 650 BCE) that has challenged historians or archaeologists.  Use evidence and sources to support your response.

You will:

  • Select a history mystery from the past
  • Develop questions to guide your research into the history mystery
  • Identify historical sources and analyse evidence to investigate the history mystery

Assignment Documents:

Resource Key