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Reading Apps and Websites [Open Source]

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The information of the subsequent pages of this site focusses on those Reading programme sites that are available as totally "open source" (free to use). This is provided for your information only and we recommend the use of the CommonSense reviews to ascertain whether the website would be useful to your school.

Some information about other recommended "Paid" sites is provide below, but not dealt with in any detail.

Intensive vs Extensive Reading

Intensive reading involves learners reading in detail with specific learning aims and tasks.

It can be compared with extensive reading, which involves learners reading texts for enjoyment and to develop general reading skills.

Paul Nation states that in order to learn from a text, to acquire vocabulary from a text, the reader needs to understand most of the text (like 98%) in order to understand any new vocabulary in the text.


Free/Paid options


                                           Digital Library, Grades K-5                   Reading, Grades 1-12                              News, Grades 2-12

Specialist Options


      Harry Potter series - Free, Grades 3-7                       Vocabulary - Free, Grades 2-12                                 For print-related disabilities. Free/paid, PreK-12