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Health & PE10 Human Movement: Home

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In Summary

These resources support the Year 10 Health & Physical Education course in Human Movement.

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School Curriculum and Standards Authority  -  Health and Physical Education  

Access the SCSA site by going to the Online Refernecing Generator under LEARNING TOOLS on our Secondary Library webpage.

"The Health and Physical Education curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop, enhance and exhibit attitudes and values that promote a healthy lifestyle. Students continue to develop and refine specialised movement skills and focus on developing tactical thinking skills in a range of contexts and applying them to physical activities. They have opportunities to analyse their own and others' performance using feedback to improve body control and coordination. They learn about health-related and skill-related components of fitness and the types of activities that improve individual aspects of fitness. The application of fair play and ethical behaviour continues to be a focus for students as they consider modified rules, scoring systems and equipment, which allows participants to enjoy physical activities and experience success. They begin to link activities and processes to the improvement of health and fitness."

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