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Science7-9 Game Changers and Change Makers: Assignment Guide: Home

Resources for investigation of the Science Week 2018 topic of Game Changers and Change Makers

Introduction to Game Changers and Change Makers research task

Game changers and change makers in:

  •      renewable energy (Yr 7)
  •      transport (Yr 8)
  •      medicine and medical technology (Yr 9)

Research the current and future technology allocated to your year group as indicated above.

Use the resources collected in this libguide by accessing the tabs at the top of the guide, databases from the library site, books, ebooks, videos and other websites that you have selected.


You will need to submit:

  • a set of notes showing your research from a variety of sources (ie not all websites) Use the note taking format below
  • a reference list in Harvard format showing a variety of sources
  • a report on the topic 


Use these tables to ensure you use a variety of reference sources

Teacher Librarian

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Amanda Roberts
50 St Stephen's Crescent, Tapping 6059

Resource Key

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