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SOURCE: Mazzarella Media (2014), Ecosystems and Biomes, posted on Clickview, URL: [17:14 mins]

SOURCE: Khan Academy (2014), Ecosystems and Biomes, posted on Youtube, URL: [07:33 mins]

SOURCE: Elesapiens (2015), Ecosystems, posted on Clickview, URL: [03:20 mins]

Major Biomes: Search Terms

General: Biomes; Ecosystems; Habitats;

Grassland: Grassland ecology; Grasslands; Savanahs.

Forest: Forests; Forest ecology; Temperate regions; woodlands; Temperate forests;

Marine: Marine ecology; Marine habitats; Oceans ecology; Aquatic ecology; Coral reef(s); Aquatic plants; Aquatic animals; Marine biome; Coasts;

Freshwater: Freshwater ecology; Estuarine ecology; Estuaries;

Desert: Deserts; Desert ecology; Desert plants; Desert animals; 

Tundra: Tundra ecology; 

Taiga (Boreal Forest): Taigas; Taiga ecology; Alpine regions; Mountains; Mountain ecology; Alps; Boreal (meaning Northern) forests; Polar regions; Coniferous forest; Snow forest; Northern circumpolar forests.

Urban: Urban Areas;

Frozen/Arctic: Arctic; Alps; Arctic regions; Polar ecology; Polar regions; 


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