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~Annotations (HASS): Introduction

Essential Questions

~ What is an annotation? ~

~ What is the best method to 'mark-up' texts to improve my understanding? ~

~ How should I annotate a physical and a digital text? ~  


Annotating: A reading technique to help you remember what you have read.

Annotations: Comments that you add to a piece of text to help you remember what you have read.

See the dictionary definition below.

What are annotations?



It is important to remember that annotation is personal; what works for one person may not help someone else. Remember to keep your annotations simple, so they can serve as a reminder of what you've read. It is often useful to highlight before you annotate. 

Follow these steps:

  • Highlight relevant text
  • Make side notes as you go (annotate)
  • Record connections, themes, ideas as you are reading