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Reading Apps and Websites [Open Source]

ReadWorks [Intensive reading]

Literacy lessons that include comprehension and short passages to analyze. 

Free, browser based, for Grades K-12

Common Sense Education Review [4 stars]

One of ReadWorks' most attractive features is its support for different classroom setups: Any lesson can be assigned digitally, printed out, or projected in front of the class. This -- combined with it being free and full of resources -- means any teacher looking to increase students' reading comprehension, provide extra support, or differentiate by interest or text complexity will likely find something useful.

Use the Article-a-Day sets to establish a 10- to 15-minute daily reading routine that increases students' background knowledge and improves vocabulary skills. Assign Paired Texts -- chosen for different perspectives on the same topic -- to encourage more in-depth analysis, compare perspectives, or check for bias. Use the wide range of resources to create engaging whole-class reading lessons, literature circles, differentiated group work, or independent center work, or pull small groups to work on specific standards or skills.

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