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Reading Apps and Websites [Open Source]

Biblionasium [Extensive Reading]

Biblionasium is a site for reviewing and sharing books, making reading a social adventure.

Free, for Years 2-8, and available from a browser or an app.

Common Sense Education Review [4 stars]

Think of Biblionasium as a student-appropriate Goodreads, connecting kids to books as well as to parents, classmates, and teachers. You can use Biblionasium to keep track of your students' reading progress, or you can create contests and rewards based on how many books they've read. Students can write reviews and recommend books. It's also a great place to source discussion opportunities; if students seem to love a certain book and have strong opinions about it, you can bring that enthusiasm into the classroom.

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From Experience:


  • It's social, colourful, appeals to young readers and easy for them to interact with the site.
  • Promotes peer sharing and book discussions.
  • Teachers can set reading challenges for individual students or groups.
  • Badges are awarded for progress on challenges.


  • It is intended to be managed by classroom teachers. Teachers need to be sufficiently interested/committed to manage the student interaction.
  • Library staff need to use a generic account to also be able to access the classes.
  • It is American and uses an Amazon Books reference for all ISBN numbers. Australian schools will have to enter books individually to show the same covers etc. as those available in the classroom or school library.  

Take a look inside [4 slides]

Introductory video