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Reading Apps and Websites [Open Source]

ReadTheory [Intensive reading]

ReadTheory offers online reading activities for all ages and ability levels. The program adapts to students’ individual ability levels and presents them with thousands of skill-building exercises that suit their needs. 

Free, browser based, for Grades K-12.

It differs from other similar sites in that it allocates the passages/comprehension activities to students on the basis of their reading ability.

Common Sense Education Review [3 stars]

ReadTheory is self-contained, and its biggest use case is as a time-saving tool that keeps teachers  rom having to individually assess students' reading levels. What's particularly nice is that these periodic assessments don't necessarily need to take place in the classroom. Plus, all data is centralized and all assessments are tuned to students' abilities thanks to a diagnostic assessment. 

Beyond the assessments, teachers may find it helpful to plan conferencing conversations and future targeted instruction around the valuable data provided in ReadTheory's progress reports. These reports contain tons of data for analysis: pretest averages, program averages, grade-level progression, Lexile level progression, mastery of ELA Common Core standards, quiz history, and how a student's reading level has fluctuated with each quiz.

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Take a look inside [4 slides]

Introductory Video

Steps to setting up an account

1. Teacher creates an account, creates a class and adds an account for each student.

2. Students then login and align themselves with a teacher.

3. Student is given a pre-test which is dynamic (it adjusts the level of difficulty as the student progresses) and decides on the entry reading level.

4. Students then complete comprehension exercises appropriate to their entry level until they achieve 100% on a quiz. They are automatically taken to the next level.

5. Teachers set the number of exercises that need to be done each week, month or term. Students can complete the exercises independently.

6. The website provides analytics about each student for tracking their progress.