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Seagrass locations in W.A.?


Global Distribution of Seagrasses

SOURCE: Ocean Data Viewer, (UN environment programme), 2017, URL: 

Example of a Seagrass FOOD WEB


Characteristics of seagrass meadows

SOURCE: A Vulnerability Assessment for the Great Barrier Reef - Seagrass (2012) URL:

WHAT are seagrass meadows?

This site contains video, diagrams, photographs and links to other sites. 

What is Seagrass?

Identifying Tropical Seagrass

Seagrasses in Western Australia

SOURCE: Seagrass-Watch (2020) URL:

Species and their adaptations

This programme tells the story of the cyanobacteria, how they changed our planet and are involved in supporting its many life forms. We look at the four major groups that photosynthesise in the sea: cyanobacteria, eucaryote phytoplankton (microalgae), seaweeds (macroalgae), and seagrasses. These groups are responsible for supplying around half the oxygen we breathe—so in terms of understanding the processes that keep us alive, this is a very important story.

SOURCE: Life in the Sea - Photosynthesis (2019), Rated E, Duration: 19:43 mins, URL:

Useful General Resources

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