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~8.07 NEWS & MEDIA - Fake News: 2. Real or Fake?

Credible news

Can you tell a real life video from a fake?

TASK: (As a class)

Watch the video on the right titled: "Fake Obama created using AI tool to make phoney speeches"

As a class discussion answer the following question:

Q1. We can't stop this technology from existing - but we can make it harder to create fakes for malicious ends. What if investors, engineers, and even app stores decided they didn't want to enable deep fake technology? 

(Aviv Ovyada from the Centre for Social Media Responsibility at the University of Michegan)

Then, on your own answer this:

Q2. Why is the use of AI to create realistic video footage a problem?

Q3. What do you think of people making money by posting fake news?

Test your understanding: Fake Videos

Can you tell a fake video from a real one?

Improve your ability to spot the real from the fake news with this interactive quiz from the ABC. Read the information carefully then make your selection.

Take the quiz, but be prepared to be fooled. 

Faking speeches