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Year 5 Extension

We speak Standard Australian English.  Aboriginal English is a dialect of Standard Australian English.

Kriol is used across northern Australia and developed from Pidgin English. (Kimberley to Gulf of Carpentaria).

Creole (Torres Strait Creole) developed from Melanesian Pidgin English as well as Torres Strait Islander languages. It is spoken by Torres Strait Islanders on the Islands and the mainland.

Use this map to find where the community in your story came from and which language group they belong to.

(click on it and then  follow the instructions to enlarge the map)

Ricky McCourt (the author of Jali Boy) grew up on the NSW coast near Coffs Harbour, and he is a descendent of the Gumbaingirr people.

Jaiki Pitt (author of Kin Island) has Torres Strait Islander (Merriam people) heritage.

Terry Janke (author of Kin Island) has Torres Strait Islander (Merriam people) & Cape Yorke Peninsula (Wuthathi people) heritage.

Gayle Kennedy (author of Just the skin & We are family) is a member of the Wongaiibon clan of the Nyaampa-speaking nation of south-west New South Wales