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English9 Looking for Allibrandi: 'Alien' Italians

Reading multiliteracy sources.

Restare Uniti

Published on YouTube Apr 19, 2013 (13.09 mins)

This Award Winning Short Film is currently the subject of a major documentary and is also being developed into a full length feature film.


BASED ON TRUE EVENTS: When Mussolini declared war on the Allies in 1940, the Australian government deemed thousands of Italian migrants to be "enemy aliens" and sent them to internment camps all over the country. Living in rural Western Australia having just fled the fascist regime in Italy is 18 year-old Gianni with his Mother Antonella.

War has come at a terrible cost. After witnessing his father being dragged away by the fascists back in Italy, Gianni made a promise never to leave his Mother's side. Meanwhile racial tensions in Australia have slowly been building and a local gang has set their eyes on them. One day things come to a boiling point when the gang shows up at Gianni's house. But an army truck suddenly pulls up and he is dragged away by the Military police leaving his Mother to fend for herself. War has caught up with them once again.

Gianni must quickly adapt to prison life and choose sides among the divided Italian immigrants. But the camp soon proves to hold many surprises, and when German and Italian POW's start entering the camp an unexpected secret from his past reveals itself at the worst possible time. Now he is forced to take matters into his own hands revealing a side of himself he never knew existed. 


Best Cinematography - WA Screen Awards 2011 (Nominated)

Coopers Best Actor - WA Screen Awards 2011 (Nominated)

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