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English10 Animal Farm: Animal Farm

Examining the construction, background & themes.

Specific Databases For a Study of "Animal Farm"


Use the "Gale World History In Context" database (NOTE: Users of iPads and portable devices may need to type in a pasword when infotrac requests a PW: type in twenty) and type in the keywords: Animal Farm, George Orwell, propaganda, totalitarianism, communism, Russian Revolution 


Look for "Animal Farm" also in Gale Artemis Literary Sources database

Animal Farm Novel Online eBook

"Animal Farm" by George Orwell is available as an online e-book format from University of Adelaide Library website:

Click on this image to visit the website:


Useful Links to Internet Websites:

Illustrations for Animal Farm by Ralph Steadman (Brain Pickings Website)

Click on this image below to go to a review and series of sample illustrated depictions of George Orwell's novel,

"Animal Farm - A Fairy Story" by Ralph Steadman, from the "BrainPickings" website:


Click on the image below and link to the online homework help Website, "eNotes"

An Animal Farm Summary:

animal farm

Animal Farm - Animated film (1954) YouTube Link

Animal Farm Synopsis - YouTube Video Link

Recommended Reads

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