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HASS5 Gold Rush: Home

Year 5 Information for theme of the Gold Rush in Australia. Includes Eureka Stockade and Diaries of people involved.

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Diaries & Letters


Diary of Charles Evans

Witness to the Eureka Rebellion

The Gold Rush in Australia


In 1851, Edward Hargraves discovered a 'grain of gold' in a waterhole near Bathurst. He was convinced that the similarity in geological features between Australia and the California goldfields (from where he had just returned) boded well for the search of gold in his homeland. He was proved correct. He named the place 'Ophir', reported his discovery to the authorities, and was appointed a 'Commissioner of Land'. He received a reward of 10,000, plus a life pension.

The discovery marked the beginning of the Australian gold rushes and a radical change in the economic and social fabric of the nation.


The Gold Rush


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Peaches Gold


Life on the Gold Fields

A Short History of the Gold Rush

The Early Australian Prospectors

Australian Gold Rushes


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