School Community Care and Support

School Community Care and Support                                                                  

Volunteering is an exciting way to contribute to a community and a cause and a fantastic way to make friends. 

It can also be a little daunting to know where to volunteer and to navigate the new relationships that come with volunteering.  Inevitably, difficult situations arise from time to time which have the potential to deeply affect a person’s volunteering at St Stephen’s. 

Recognising that any engagement in a community has both wonderful benefits and a few potential challenges, the Friends of Volunteers Duncraig Hub is manned by a trained counsellor and friendly parent mentors every Friday afternoon for anyone who needs to talk through any difficult issues that may have arisen. 

A tea or coffee will always be on offer.  

Self care tips for volunteers

Self-care tips for Volunteers

It is important to us at St Stephen’s that our volunteers can practice self-care as they give of their time and expertise to our community.  Taking good care of yourself in this role will help you stay on top of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Practising self-care can look like:

  • Recharging after your time of volunteering by allowing yourself to unwind.   This may simply be by sitting quietly having a cuppa, resting, chatting to a friend or even going for a walk.
  • Give yourself enough time to get to where you're going.   It’s easy to feel rushed and frazzled when we are short on time so creating enough time in your diary before and after will allow time to breathe.
  • It’s ok to say ‘No’.  We are no good to anyone if we are exhausted or overstretched.  
  • It’s ok to say ‘Yes’.  Why not try something new, and go for it.  You’ll experience more joy and pleasure in life.
  • Laugh more.  It’s the best way to let go of any built up tension.
  • Communicate with a ‘friend of the volunteers’ group when you are concerned or worried about something as a volunteer.
  • Enjoy simple every day pleasures.  It will brighten your day.
  • Be hopeful.  A positive attitude will help created positive outcomes.
  • Breathe.   Some quick breathing exercises and stretching are great to help to let go of stress and can be done in a few minutes.
  • Thankfulness.   Be thankful for the wonderful opportunity of giving as a volunteer.   Your acts of kindness may never be forgotten.