2017 Class Parent Representatives List

Become a Class Parent Representative

Friends of Volunteers are actively seeking to network and encourage the Class Parent Representatives so that they can share resources and stories for the betterment of community building in our classes and year groups.

The Class Representatives play a valuable role in connecting families in a year group, welcoming new families and being the link between parents, teachers and Parent Connect. 

It’s a great role to share between parents of a year level.  Together you can arrange social activities, teacher’s gifts, care for families experiencing difficulty and also keep parents informed about the school and Parent Connect.  Class representatives are nominated voluntarily at the start of Term 1.

This important role includes the following:

  • Assisting parents in being informed about school, class and social activities and occurrences (e.g. new babies, birthdays, outings, requests for parent assistance, competitions).

  • Welcoming and introducing new families to the class families.

  • Arrange end of year gifts for teachers and staff (voluntary activity).

  • Coordinate social activities for the class, e.g. Arrange a student and parent social at beginning of the year for families to get to know each other; coffee mornings; parent dinners.