Celebrating our volunteers!

Friends of the Arts

A very BIG thank you to the Friends of the Arts volunteer parents and alumni who worked tirelessly to support the whole school production of Thoroughly Modern Millie.  


Volunteering makes a difference

Volunteering at St Stephen's makes a BIG difference

People who volunteer at St Stephen’s School can make a big impact on our children, our school and our society.

Our volunteers help in the classroom, library, art and tech room, on the sports field, in the boardroom and back stage. They also provide guest teaching, organise social get-togethers and events, and pray and care for people. Giving together helps our community grow together. 

Giving your time in our school can change lives. 

  • Benefits your child’s sense of belonging, motivation and learning
  • Increases your child’s likelihood of giving in society as adults
  • Helps develop partnerships with teachers and staff to build a happy community
  • Helps build friendships
  • Allows you to give back in your area of skills and passion
  • Provides a safe and purposeful environment to serve
  • Assists in developing your own personal sense of well-being (UN 2003 p.1)
  • Provides long term benefits to society (UN 2003 p.1)