Parents Policy Centre

Go to the full site: POLICY Centre for parents. It contains information on the following aspects of school life:

Teaching and Learning

  • Teaching and Learning Procedures
    For example: Primary Homework, Instrumental Music Program, Primary Student Leadership, ICT Acceptable Use Guideline, Curriculum Handbooks
  • Teaching and Learning Policy
    For example: Learning Enrichment, Assessment and Reporting, Curriculum Program Development, Technology, Senior Secondary Curriculum management and Assessment, Attendance, Excursions, Camps and Tours
  • Teaching and Learning Forms
    For example: Music Program Enrolment, Music program withdrawal.

Wellbeing and Care

  • Wellbeing and Care Policy
    For example: Code of Conduct, Accidents, Duty of Care, School Wellbeing, School Safety, Images and Social Media, Mandatory Reporting, Emergency and Crisis Management
  • Wellbeing and Care Procedures
    For example: Behaviour Management, Yard Supervision, Duty of Care, Wellbeing and Care Programs
  • Wellbeing and Care Forms
    For example: Asthma Action Plan, Allergy Action Plan, Anaphylaxis EpiPen Action Plan, Accidents.



  • Community Policy
    For example: Code of Conduct, Whole School Community Code of Conduct, Family Participation and Volunteers


  • Administration Procedures
    For example: Concern, Complaint and Grievance, VET, Parent Handbook (eg About the School, Primary School Information (including staff list), Secondary School information (including staff list), General Information (eg Withdrawal from School, Aerosol Cans, Bullying, Chewing Gum, Emergency Procedure, Insurance, Mobile Devices, Prohibited Items, Absences, Travel,
  • Administration Policy
    For example: Concern, Complaint and Grievance, Managing Legal Matters, Privacy Policy