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Barbara Stout
Collinson Library
St Stephen's School
Duncraig Campus

Australian National Identity: From bush legend to ANZAC legend.

(2010) Rated E, Duration 20.08 mins.

National identity is a complex phenomenon. How a nation is regarded on the world stage is a product of the history, beliefs and virtues that have influenced its character. In this Australian-made, curriculum fit program we explore the national identity of Australia, and the events, people, actions and conflicts that have helped to shape our unique identity. The Director of the National Centre for Australian Studies, Bruce Scates takes us on a journey from a time when our identity was dependent on race, gender and cultural background to the events of the twentieth century that have changed old images and helped shape a new and more inclusive identity.

Uploaded on YouTube Jan 1, 2008

Australian Comedian in the Melbourne Comedy Gala Festival 2006, discussing accents.

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